Short Term Scientific Missions

Short Term Scientific Missions


The purpose of short-term scientific missions is to support the first two goals of the ENCoRe COST action:

  • dataset coordination activities
  • database development

The former goal focuses on coordinating and managing the key resources of conflict research, which includes meetings to discuss coding standards, interface projects to link datasets with each other, and efforts integrate individual, new datasets to the central database. The latter goal fosters the creation of a new platform for European conflict datasets called GROWup (Geographic Research On War: Universal Platform), which supports the creation, coordination, maintenance, storage, use and dissemination of conflict data.

While STSM focussing on the development of the joint database and the coordination of datasets will be prioritised in first call, activities surrounding the analysis of data included in this effort, forecasting on the basis of such analyses, as well as training activities are eligible for application as well, as long as they contribute to the overall goal of the ENCoRe COST action.

Mission Overview

During the first year of the ENCoRe COST action, a total of 13 short-term scientific missions were granted by the management committee. These missions represent 9 pairs of universities in the ENCoRe network, with institutes from six countries sending STSM, and institutes from five countries receiving STSM. This map shows the countries active in the ENCoRe action, the member institutes and the connections made through STSM in the first year.

ENCoRe STSM during year 1


Presently, there are no open calls for short-term scientific missions.

There have been four calls previous calls:

Year 1

  • Call 1 for Missions between July 15 and November 1, 2012 (extended deadline closed on July 9, 2012) [pdf]
  • Call 2 for Missions between October 1, 2012 and May 1, 2013 (extended deadline closed on September 16, 2012) [pdf]
  • Call 3 for Missions between February 4 and May 1, 2013 (deadline closed on January 18, 2013) [pdf]

Year 2

  • Call 1 for Missions between July 15 and November 1, 2012 (extended deadline closed on July 9, 2012) [pdf]


Postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and other faculty and staff of institutions that are active in this action and in countries that are a member of this action are eligible to apply to open calls.


Financial support offered for STSM is a contribution to the costs of the mission, but is not meant to cover all costs. Support will cover a fixed contribution of €300 for travel between two different countries, and a subsistence allowance based on the duration of the mission and the destination country (see the individual calls for an overview of the eligible amounts). The Management Committee (MC) will decide on the number of STSM to be granted and the funds allocated to each.


Grants are disbursed by the grant holder for this COST Action, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


The grant recipient needs to submit a scientific report to the host institution and STSM coordinator. Project reports will be posted publicly.

Young/female researchers

Early-stage researchers (Ph.D. students, post-doctoral fellows) and female researchers are strongly encouraged to apply.

Successful applications

The following researchers have been granted STSM since the start of the ENCoRe COST action.

Scholar Home University Host University STSM Dates
Thomas Wencker University of Heidelberg ETH Zürich Aug. 20, 2012 - Sep. 9, 2012
Stefano Costalli UCSC Milan University of Amsterdam Nov. 19, 2012 - Dec. 9, 2012
Paulina Pospieszna University of Mannheim PRIO Oslo Jan. 28, 2013 - Feb. 8, 2013
Lutz Krebs Maastricht University ETH Zürich Feb. 4, 2013 - Mar. 1, 2013
Marianne Dahl PRIO Oslo University of Essex Feb. 10, 2013 - Feb. 17, 2013
Håvard Mokleiv Nygård PRIO Oslo University of Essex Feb. 10, 2013 - Feb. 17, 2013
Thomas Wencker University of Heidelberg University of Essex Feb. 18, 2013 - Mar. 8, 2013
M. Belén González University of Essex PRIO Oslo Feb. 24, 2013 - Mar. 2, 2013
Evelina Gavrilova University of Torino University of Essex Mar. 4, 2013 - Mar. 31, 2013
Philipp Hunziker ETH Zürich Uppsala University Mar. 4, 2013 - Mar. 8, 2013
Luc Girardin ETH Zürich Uppsala University Mar. 4, 2013 - Mar. 8, 2013
Julian Wucherpfennig ETH Zürich Uppsala University Mar. 4, 2013 - Mar. 8, 2013
Zorzeta Bakaki University of Essex University of Amsterdam Mar. 18, 2013 - Apr. 18, 2013
Juliane Krüger
University of Essex
University of Mannheim
Jan. 13, 2014 - Feb. 7, 2014

Upcoming STSM

STSM form an important part of any COST action and ENCoRe will continue to publish calls for STSM in the future. The next call will be published in mid-August with an application deadline in mid-September.