Working Group 1

Working Group 1: Dataset coordination

This working group serves the purpose of coordinating the creation, updating and expansion of datasets, and allow for their integration into the GROWup portal. All members of the Action are autonomous in the sense that they make their own final decisions about their own datasets, but it is expected that they will discuss and attempt to reach agreement on design issues such as coding standards and data formats. Such standard setting is crucial for the merger of information into the relational database. The members will be able to float new ideas about changes to their own datasets that may require action by other members of the group. Another important function is to provide a forum to share ideas about how to improve data collection efforts that could be useful to several of the members of the Action.

Among its activities, the working group has coordinated the effort to streamline the identification of countries in cross-national data collections. It has moreover facilitated meetings between network partners regarding data collection and integration of data into the GROWup portal and co-hosted a workshop on data on non-violent conflict.